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100% Manufactured in USA. FREE Shipping On Orders Over $100. 100% Manufactured in USA. FREE Shipping On Orders Over $100.
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    Comfortable Face Shields

    Cap Guard™ is a light weight, affordable option that clips to the brim of your favorite ball cap.

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    Cap Guard Kids™

    It can be hard for kids to wear a mask. Our Cap Guard Kids™ is the perfect alternative.

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    Assembly instructions and storage for 50 face shields.

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    The Clear Choice

    The Clear Choice

    Facilitates clear and effective verbal and non-verbal communication

    Full face visibility for that needed connection

    Less claustrophobic, no breathing resistance, eyeglasses less likely to fog

    Discourages face touching, covers a larger facial area including the eyes

    100% recyclable, re-usable, sanitizes easily with soap and water

    Sourced and manufactured in the United States

    Optically clear, scratch-resistant lens of FDA compliant thermoformed plastic

    Shield easily attached with three innovative patent pending live hinges to brim of cap or visor