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Cap Guard Meets a Texas Family

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The following interview occurred as a result of a Texas family contacting Cap Guard via email.

How did you find Cap Guard and what made you purchase a Cap Guard face shield?

Truly, I just searched through Google and found Cap Guard. We had previously purchased another brand. However, that other company’s product did not attach or stay on very well, so I wanted a better option and found Cap Guard. The concept of attaching the shield to the bill of a baseball cap is awesome, and I LOVE that there are individuals and companies here in the US that were thinking outside the box a bit on how to make things easier during the national emergency. I liked how it attached to the bill of the ball cap, and when we got them in the mail, I was even more pleasantly surprised at how well they attached and remained in place. Cap Guard excels over the other brand. ALSO, I LOVED that there was a kid’s size option!

A group of moms called me about my son's face shield because they were looking for other options for their little ones in elementary school. I was so excited to tell them about Cap Guard's child size shields! Suggestion: I know you have pictures of how the shield can be used in different scenarios, but I think a video would be really beneficial: work, school, shopping, a football or basketball game, teaching and allowing the kids to see the teacher's smile, and for sure include children of all sizes to show they work well for little ones too! Put that video on Facebook and I think you'd have a winner!

How old is your son and what grade is he in?
My son is a freshman; 14 at present and will be 15 soon.

Please describe how your son is faring wearing a face shield and how you feel it benefits him with communication and tolerance in school.
The Cap Guard face shield is doing quite well at keeping up with an active young man. He rides his bike to school and back including a second round trip to come home for lunch as he says he prefers mom's cooking - though I'm convinced it is more that he can have larger portions. He is a growing boy 😊 - thus the two round trips, and it is easiest to just keep the shield on while riding instead of trying to fit it in his backpack. He has no problems breathing or using peripheral vision while riding. He also takes an Engineering course that is two class periods long and says the shield works well in being able to see all the small parts and pieces. (I was worried it would be difficult to see through for such but apparently it works great). And as for being able to communicate with others, he really likes it as he says the others can see his smile and laugh.
On a side note- I am partial hearing so masks make it difficult for me to read lips and thus unable to communicate well. These shields are great for me as a mom to be able to communicate with my son when he is wearing one. He wears it to the grocery store etc, and I appreciate that. He is my shopping buddy as he is 6'4 and can reach all the top shelves! 😊 He is also my translator when I speak to others who are wearing masks. I need to see their lips, and I cannot. He is a life saver for his momma for sure. 😊

As for the toleration at school, he has never had any negative comments at all, but has received several positive comments on it. Also, I was worried that the other students and teachers might be upset that my son can wear a baseball cap to school when others cannot as there is a "no hat" policy in the district, but the superintendent did not see that to be a problem, and in fact the other kids and some of the teachers have commented positively on his choice of hat (as he does love his hats and thus wears a fun one each day from his collection). Many of the students have asked him if it would attach to his cowboy hats because they would be willing to wear a shield as well as their mask if they got to wear their cowboy hats to school, but alas it does not stay on a cowboy hat, no matter how we have tried. So, I would say the feed-back from fellow students as well as faculty has been positive.

Are other children wearing face shields at school? How about teachers?

My son has a mask exemption from the school district superintendent. We live in a smaller area and when I voiced my concerns about my son wearing a mask, the school district superintendent called me personally to see what we could work out. We decided, together, that my son would try just a shield and see how that works. And it works wonderfully! He can breathe and can wear it all day long. I know a dozen or more children in our schools (1 each elementary, middle, and high school) and others throughout the district (3 additional elementary, 2 more middle and 3 more high schools) that also have mask exemptions, and I was talking to the superintendent about how the shield will be a great middle step for all the students.

Also, the superintendent explained he has informed teachers they should wear their mask when close to the students (like 1 on 1 teaching), but if they are teaching at the front of the class, they can wear just a shield - not only to breathe - but also so the students can see their mouths. This is especially important in the elementary schools since the younger students need to see their teachers mouths to help in the learning process. I am grateful he thinks highly of our teachers, their health, and their well-being and also for the students and all the different ways we learn. So, I would LOVE to see all our teachers have a shield available to them for this purpose. We have also given out the remaining shields I purchased (I will be purchasing more for sure) so that other children could use them.  

How can Cap Guard best be of benefit to your family and the school community?
Our community is in the "green" status of the state COVID plan; we only have 4 individuals in the whole county who are active cases. My hope, and this is a personal hope, is that we will soon be able, as a school district and community, to move out of the "wearing the mask full time" level and into a middle level of wearing a face shield and then not needing anything. Your face shields are well made and last a long time. My son has worn the same Cap Guard face shield for school since August 19th using the eye glass cleaner and soft eye glass cloth to clean it daily, and it is great shape. Wouldn't it be awesome if at a basketball game we could all have our team caps on with a face shield and actually enjoy the game!

Thank you for your product ~ it is a wonderful way for students and teachers to be able to communicate with each other, be able to breathe, (even if for increments throughout the day), and still meet the Governor's mandate for mask/face coverings.

You might also wish to know my daughter, who works for a State Park, wears a Cap Guard face shield to work. She wears her State Park's ball cap, and the shield is great as tourists from throughout the States are still traveling a bit. Thus, she can communicate safely and effectively with them. There have been a few individuals visiting the State Park who have been grateful for her wearing the Cap Guard face shield  as they were deaf or hard of hearing and the shield allowed them to understand what my daughter was saying. It made their trip to the State Park easier. 😊  So many ways these shields are such a blessing!