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K -12 Educators

Cap Guard is a School Solutions partner with AASA, The School Superintendents Association, providing COVID-19 protective resources for students and teachers.

 Developed to allow people to interface safely and clearly, the innovative patent pending Cap Guard face shield provides environmental hygienic barrier protection while permitting visibility of facial expressions for effective communication. Cap Guard’s optically clear and scratch resistant lens is made in the United States, FDA approved, 100% recyclable, and can be sanitized daily for re-use. Ideal for the service, retail, food, manufacturing, and education sectors, Cap Guard mounts securely with live hinge design clips to existing caps or visors which can display a logo or imagery.



“As an educator with more than a decade of experience, I know students will find shields to be more comfortable and less likely to fuss with them. Facial movement and body language are essential for the type of programs I teach. The method is known as total physical response (TPR), and I can be most effective when I can see the faces of my students and they can see mine. The Cap Guard shield allows this, but still helps in keeping my classroom safe from viral exposure, and the ability to reuse it and sanitize it daily is most appealing.” (Lynn Cruse, ESL Teacher, Barnegat, NJ School System)


“Wearing a Cap Guard face shield is a great idea for me and my students. I think we will both keep the shield on longer, and it will allow each of us to see each other’s facial expressions and mouth movements which is essential when teaching and conducting student assessments. I also think it will permit all of us to feel more connected to each other while still having a safe barrier that protects both of us.” (Jasmine Rodriguez, M.S. in Special Education with a bilingual extension, Learning Disabilities Teacher Consultant, New Jersey Teacher with 22 years of experience.) 


The Clear Choice

Facilitates clear and effective verbal and non-verbal communication 
Full face visibility for that needed connection 
Less claustrophobic, no breathing resistance, eyeglasses less likely to fog
Discourages face touching, covers a larger facial area including the eyes 
100% recyclable, re-usable, sanitizes easily with soap and water 
Sourced and manufactured in the United States
Optically clear, scratch-resistant lens of FDA compliant thermoformed plastic
Shield easily attached with three innovative patent pending live hinges to brim of cap or visor


“Face shields do provide a partial barrier to respiratory droplets and may be considered in classroom environments or situations where masking may interfere with teacher instruction OR when distancing (less than 6 feet) cannot be adequately achieved.” (Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia [CHOP] Policy Lab recommendations to State of Pennsylvania for re-opening of schools)


Please email our customer service team if you have an inquiry about a Cap Guard Kids - Educators Bulk order.