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Manufactured in the United States, the innovative and patent pending Cap Guard face shields are 100% recyclable, easily washed and sanitized for re-use, and attach to any visor or cap with live hinge clips. Providing a barrier that protects multiple parties engaged in communication while permitting full visibility of face expressions and lip movement, Cap Guard face shields are the clear choice for face covering alternatives as part of the overall strategy to reduce the transmission of COVID 19 in the community setting.


“Face Shields offer a number of advantages. While medical masks have limited durability and little potential for reprocessing, face shields can be reused indefinitely and are easily cleaned with soap and water, or common household disinfectants. They are comfortable to wear, protect the portals or viral entry, and reduce the potential for autoinoculation by preventing the wearer from touching their face.” (Journal of the American Medical Association: Moving Personal Protective Equipment into the Community, April 29, 2020)