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FAQ & Product Care

Our Cap Shields are 100% designed and manufactured in the United States. They are made of durable plastic and meant to be reused. If you find that your Cap Guard has become scratched or otherwise unusable both the lens and the clips can be recycled.

Assemble Your Cap Guard

  1. A Cap Guard kit contains one lens, one black center clip, and two grey side clips.
  2. Before fitting the clips to the lens, remove the two white protective plastic layers. The Cap Guard team has already pre-lifted one corner for your convenience.
  3. Slide the black center clip onto the lens, aligning it with the center notch.
  4. Next, slide the two grey clips onto either side of the lens aligning them with the corresponding notches. The clips will self adjust as you slide them onto the brim of your ball cap or visor clamping firmly to the lens.
  5. Now slide the face guard onto the brim of your hat by holding tightly to the black center clip.
  6. Then attach the grey clips to either side. Once assembled, you may notice that the lens has not formed an ideal radius.
  7. To adjust, simply push or pull the side clips slightly to achieve a smooth, personalized fit.


Care For Your Cap Guard

  1. Use a soft cloth - similar to what you would use to clean sun glasses.
  2. Wash with warm water and soap or Windex.
  3. Do not clean with stronger disinfectants or Lysol wipes as these could damage the plastic of your Cap Guard lens.
  4. Store assembled if you can - somewhere the lens won't be bumped or scraped.
  5. If your Cap Guard has become scratched please recycle both the lens and the clips


Frequently Asked Questions:

Who can wear Cap Guard face shields?

The Cap Guard face shield attaches with our patent pending live hinge clips to any cap or visor. If you can wear a cap or visor, you can wear a Cap Guard face shield. Cap Guard and Kid’s Cap Guard are face covering options and are part of the strategy to reduce transmission of COVID-19 in the community setting. The innovative and patent pending Cap Guard face shield provides a barrier that protects both parties engaged in communication while permitting full visibility of facial expressions and lip movement.

Are Cap Guard face shields medical grade?

Constructed of FDA approved materials, the re-usable Cap Guard can easily be sanitized by washing in antibacterial hand soap. To be medical grade requires the ability to be sterilized which means subjecting it to high heat. Cap Guard can be sanitized, but not sterilized.

Is the Cap Guard face shield reusable?

Yes, the Cap Guard is reusable. The optically clear and scratch resistant lens material is 100% recyclable, sourced and manufactured in the United States, and FDA approved. The face shield can be simply washed and sanitized using antibacterial hand soap. 

How long will a Cap Guard face shield last?

The life expectancy of a Cap Guard face shield depends on the environment in which it is used and the care it receives.  Made of high quality thermoplastic polyester that provides significant chemical resistance and durability, the Cap Guard lens can last for months or even years.

How do I care for my Cap Guard face shield?

The Cap Guard face shield can be washed and sanitized in between uses with antibacterial hand soap and a soft towel or lens cloth. It can also be cleaned with warm soapy water and most glass cleaners. We suggest you try a small area first to see how your cleaner reacts with your shield. Whenever possible, store your Cap Guard face shield upright and leave attached to visor or brim.

My Cap Guard face shield arrived but it doesn't look clear?

Cap Guard face shields are shipped with a white plastic protective peel away layer on each side of the lens to ensure 100% optical clarity upon arrival. Be sure to remove prior to use.


I would like to purchase these for my company - how do I order in bulk?

Bulk orders qualify for additional discounts. Please email us to discuss your needs at (need correct Cap Guard email address here).

Are hats included in the kits?

At this time, Cap Guard sells only the patent pending face shield, live hinge clips, and wall mounts.

What types of caps will the Cap Shield attach to?

The patent pending Cap Guard face shield attaches to any visor or brim. Please note there are curved brim and flat brim designs in the product section.      

Where do you ship to?

Cap Guard ships anywhere in the continental United States. If you have questions about shipping or special needs, please email us at

 Where do I send product feedback?

We would love to hear your comments and feedback! Please email us at